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Plans for 2019

I have big plans for 2019, I will be covering more sports and working on getting my content in front of more eyes. I plan to provide more unique content other than just photos and have several sports related human interest stories I will be pitching to both local & major media outlets and if they don’t bite then I will be publishing here.

I will be bringing new sports into the fold such as Cricket (stay tuned for exciting news on that front, for now check out the gallery from my first match on SmugMug), Ruby Union, AFL & Soccer and will be exploring the quirkier sports like bubble soccer so if you come across a quirky sport or are hosting a sports event you would like some photos taken for then please contact me, I also plan to feature athletes from lesser known sports and provide unique angles on better known sports to provide insight into what makes our favorite sports tick.

I do a lot of travel and will be integrating Sportsball Photographer into future trips, for example I am already planning a trip to Cuba to cover the baseball culture there along with some games after an exploratory trip there earlier this year.

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Jason Bainbridge

Freelance Houston sports photographer - see the games, players, fans and all the action in between through my lens.

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